Film by Roberta Jean →
Soundtrack by Jonathan Webb
Vocals by Roberta Jean

Lace is the first in a sequence of three films, together forming a new screen version of Brocade. Lace was shot on location at MYB Textiles in Ayrshire, the only producer in the world to still manufacture patterned lace with original Nottingham Lace Looms. Here, human movements align and juxtapose with the choreography and soundtrack of the machines and voice. Lace features dancers, Helka Kaski, Stephanie McMann, Laura Dannequin and Kirsty Arnold.

Rope features dancers, Stephanie McMann, Carys Staton and the work of Welsh violinist Angharad Davies. Her approach to sound involves attentive listening and exploration beyond the sonic confines of her instrument, her classical training and performance expectation.